HYDROLOGIC                    HYDRAULIC                    SOFTWARE

In this section several experiences of hydraulic projects which deal with the utilisation of hydrologic and hydraulic models to evaluate flood features and flow routing are described.

The main software used are the Hydrologic Modelling System (HMS) and River Analysis System (RAS), they are both developped by the "US Army Corps of Engineers - Hydrologic Engineering Center" (HEC).

In the examples other software developped by the HEC are used with HMS and/or RAS for the pre and post-processig of data and results. These software (DSSUTL, HECDSSVue and MS Excel Add In) are used to insert, to extract and to modify data contained in DSS database, which is the standard format of HEC software database.

Other software, always developped by HEC, used in the examples are Geo HMS and Geo RAS, they are both used to extract geographic data from a GIS system. Geo HMS allows to extract basin features to insert into a HMS model from various geographic map (litology, land use, digital terrain model, hydrography, ecc.). Geo RAS allows also the post-processing of results by RAS, for example the delimitation of flood area.

In the software section some little tools are shown, they was developped to help the users in some tasks such as to insert stream sections from a topographic survey into a RAS model.